Announcing THRUUE INC. Creating High Performance Cultures via Reflective Thinking

I am really pleased to announce that I have co-founded what we believe is rather unique consultancy that takes the best of “Consider” and applies it to new ways for organizations to imagine who they are and why they exist.    Below is the full press release.


Global Executives Embrace Power of

‘Reflective Thinking’ to

Re-imagine Organizational Purpose

Global executives are experiencing a new way to command attention and stay relevant in the age of immediately with the help of top thought leaders at Thruue, Inc. As organizations struggle to perform against expectations and command attention in the age of immediacy, top thought leaders at Thruue Inc. are helping executives reinvent their corporate purpose/vision, and make transformational decisions for future relevancy and growth.  Thruue Inc. is dedicated to the belief that only by enabling reflective thinking can big ideas emerge to drive action and evolve culture within high performing organizations.

Internationally recognized author and strategist Daniel Forrester and seasoned consulting and service industry veteran Matt Lane founded Thruue Inc.   Best known for it’s innovative process of “reflective thinking,” Thruue Inc. works with Global 2000 corporations, high tech growth companies, government agencies and major non-profits to overcome stagnation and emerge with clarity.

As a noted student of General David Patraeus, Thruue co-founder Daniel Forrester emphasizes, “We are living in an age of data overload where organizations and their leaders must make the time to ‘get the big ideas right’ as General Petraeus taught me.  Those big ideas must then be driven to implementation within a culture that is clear, aligned, and focused on results if you desire to stay relevant and in demand.”

Recently, some organizations ranging from universities to financial institutions have come under fire because of crises resulting from their organization losing its sense of purpose and thus its culture was not aligned to the right ideas and values.   Conversely, organizations today who are clear about why they exist are able to focus on getting the big ideas right.  They create a culture aiming for high performance and thrive-versus their competition.

“We believe culture really matters because it provides the basis for sustained high performance.  Powerfully defined Purpose, Vision, and Values lay the foundation of strong culture that is meaningfully aligned throughout an organization.  As a leader in your organization, your people are looking to be inspired and led in a consistent and meaningful way,” says co-founder Matt Lane.

With operations in New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C., Thruue Inc. serves senior executives and boards within the corporate and not-for-profit industries worldwide.  For more information regarding Thruue’s offerings, visit

About Daniel Forrester and Matt Lane
Daniel Patrick Forrester is a business strategist and navigator of organizational and cultural change impacting commercial, not-for-profit, and government entities. He is also the author of Consider: Harnessing the Power of Reflective Thinking in Your Organization published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Matt Lane is a seasoned consultant who has worked with the leaders of organizations across the globe ranging from Global 2000 companies, large government agencies in the US and EU, non-profits, and early stage technology startups. His areas of expertise include business strategy, people/talent management, large-scale program management, organizational development, and creating high performance cultures.