Author In Books-24X7 by Skillsoft

Earlier this year, Danielle Sauer introduced me to Shawn Hunter; both work for Skillsoft- a unique learning and training company.  This summer Shawn and I met in NYC for a studio interview about concepts and ideas from “Consider.”  Skillsoft has a unique collection of authors and thinkers on topics relevant to their client’s training needs.   I am really pleased to be added to this excellent platform. In one clip I talked a bit about ideas that are marinating in my mind related to my second book (still a ways off).

Clips from the hour long interview are now available on their “Books 24X7″ web site–if you are a subscriber.  Skillsoft did supply  me with a a high-lite reel of some of the topics we discussed. Here is a link to that reel:Skillsoft Clips