I am an author, entrepreneur, strategist and navigator of organizational and cultural change impacting commercial, not for profit, and government entities.


  • When we enter a room and allow ourselves to be distracted by the supposed immediacy of another call, email, or interruption, we are in effect devaluating the possibilities that can only come from reflection.

  • [General Petraeus] said that “he forces bursts of reflection into his day, where he pauses to read, think, and then moves to the next iteration—recognizing that thoughtful insights are not born through real-time analysis.”

  • What reflection and think time offer are specific and deliberate behaviors that allow for meaning to emerge from the vast supply of data that swirls around us.

  • Only by carving out think time and reflection can we actually understand, in an entirely different context, the actions we take.

  • When overworked people declare that they “just don’t have time to think,” leaders have a choice: They can settle for the status quo and declare that it’s the way the world works today, or they can insist that reflection is a strategic business enabler.


Thruue Inc is a consultancy focused on the design of transformational strategies and evolving organizational culture.

I founded Thruue because there was a need in the market to help client’s link clear-minded strategy with high performing cultures. Culture and strategy are meshed; one can’t exist without considering and integrating with the other.

As organizations (both for an not for profit) struggle to perform against expectations and remain relevant and growing, Thruue helps senior executives and their boards to reinvent their corporate purpose/vision, determine and embed values tied to behaviors and frame and move to implement transformational ideas.

Thruue is dedicated to the counter-cultural belief that only by enabling reflective thinking can the “big ideas” emerge and be seen through to their actual deployment.

For more information please visit www.thruue.com.